Watch carefully
The magic that occurs
When you give a person just enough comfort
To be themselves
— Atticus

For me, the greatest satisfaction in writing comes from making a connection. Far from singling us out, our very personal experiences are what join us. If I tell you who I am, you may well recognise yourself.

It is my hope that you might find on these pages some thoughts, feelings, and experiences that strike a chord with you. I hope it might – should you need it – help you settle into the comfort of self-acceptance. Our inner lives are both marvellously odd, and gloriously ordinary.

The writing on this little blog is split into four categories: Comfort reads, Musings, Poems, and Talking to Mum. Some are lighthearted, some (especially the pieces about my Mum, who has Alzheimer’s) are a little melancholy. Others are simply reflective. But I seek always to be consoling, and I think you’ll find comfort here, no matter your mood right now.

The very first post is all about my beloved late Grandad, to whom this blog is dedicated. I’ve written about my Grandma too, and her treasured pink crocus bowl. There’s more comfort to be found with My dog Bella, the tiniest plant that brought me a lot of joy, and even the arrival of my vintage desk.

For humour, have a read about my very peculiar politeness, or my ill-judged decision to ride a tame-but-terrifying wooden-framed rollercoaster in the Netherlands…

Thank you so much for stopping by. And please do introduce yourself in some way. I’d be everso happy to meet you.


Lizzie x